2015 PEZ AGM

The minutes for the 2015 AGM of Permaculture Education Zone (PEZ) are very brief. There was no quorum at the first date called for the AGM, so a subsequent meeting was called as described in the current Rules of the Association. The subsequent meeting still did not achieve quorum, but the Rules state that all those in attendance at this subsequent meeting, after having waited for at least 30 minutes, shall represent quorum. As such, the presiding Chairperson and Public Officer, Eric Nicholson, declared the revised Rules of the Association as accepted. There had been no correspondence from any members suggesting the new Rules were unacceptable or did not reflect the original vision and main objectives of PEZ. The new Rules will be submitted as required with Consumer and Business Services within one month of the AGM.


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2013 PEZ AGM

A rather subdued affair at the Nicholson household in Wayville resulted in an interesting conversation about an Adelaide version of CERES. Hugh Kneebone of NRM Education spoke about things happening within the NRM Board that could see this long mooted subject finally get legs. Early days yet, but do watch this space!

While there was not a quorum to confirm the 2012 AGM Minutes, or make any big decisions about PEZ, the meeting was useful in terms of sharing information and staying apprised of things happening within government.

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PEZ 2012 AGM

PEZ had its 2012 AGM last night at the Urrbrae TAFE campus. The evening’s highlight was a talk from Pam Gurner-Hall about some late-breaking news: a dedicated permaculture education space has been confirmed in the southwest corner of the campus. This represents a fantastic opportunity for PEZ to get formally involved in permaculture education activities via Urrbrae TAFE.

The minutes of the AGM are included below.

PEZ AGM minutes 2012

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The Chikukwa Project

PEZ has just donated $100 to a film project showcasing permaculture at work helping people in Zimbabwe. PEZ will receive a DVD of the finished film as a reward for helping fund the final production costs of making this documentary. Once the film has been received, film nights will be organised. Watch this space…


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City Farm Project Progress

Dear PEZ Supporters,

I met this morning with the South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF). The discussion focussed on arranging a meeting at their South Tce office to discuss the City Farm project. The meeting date/time has not yet been confirmed (probably early April), but it will include a number of invitees who would be likely to provide the necessary political influence to see the project realised.

In the meantime, I would like to have a meeting with those of you who have had significant interest in this project for some time. We need to brainstorm a few ideas, such as what to call the site (it was suggested by Carol Vincent that ‘City Farm’ may cause unwanted misconceptions and ongoing difficulties in making it clear to the wider public what the project objectives are). The business plan itself should also be reviewed to ensure it is still relevant.

I propose that the meeting occur on Saturday, March 17th at the park near my house – Wayville Reserve – it’s on Le Hunte Street, Wayville, just off of Goodwood Road, behind the car wash and service station. If the weather is unkind, it’s an easy walk back to my house on Young Street. Go to this link for details about the Reserve: http://www.weekendnotes.com/wayville-reserve/.

Please meet at 12 pm at the picnic table in the Barbeque and Picnic Area, near the little bridge, and bring along some food/drink to share during the short discussion and brainstorm session. The meeting will not have to be long, but I am happy to facilitate the meeting for as long as people want to participate.

I look forward to hearing people’s views and ideas at that time.

Eric Nicholson
PEZ Chairperson

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2012 – Australian Year of the Farmer – and perhaps also the year for an Adelaide City Farm

2012 will officially be the Australian Year of the Farmer, so perhaps the Adelaide City Farm project will achieve success in the coming year. New hope for the project was obtained today after a very productive meeting with the South Australian Farmer’s Federation.

Early in 2012, a meeting will be held to establish a coalition of key partners who can drive the City Farm project to fruition. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of 2011 and think about how you, or your group, could be part of this revitalised effort to establish a City Farm at the Old Adelaide Gaol.

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PEZ AGM – 20 October 2011

It’s that time of year again – PEZ is required to hold its Annual General Meeting for 2011 – so please come along if you have an interest in permaculture education.

The AGM will be held on 20 October 2011, from 6:30 pm. It will be an outdoor gathering around Kathy & Eric’s chiminea at 3/324 Young Street, Wayville (just off Goodwood Road, near the eastern entrance to the Wayville Showgrounds).

If you intend on coming, it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring some food/drink to share and at least one item for discussion (e.g. an idea you have for PEZ to focus on into 2012).

The main business for the night will be to elect a new committee. The positions that will be available are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. If you are interested in shaping the future of PEZ, then please consider nominating yourself for a committee position. Nominations will be accepted right up until the commencement of the meeting.

I hope to see some old and new faces at the meeting.



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